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Professional Development

Has this ever happened to you? 

You had an initial meeting with a potential customer and had what felt to you like a good conversation. A second meeting was scheduled, a proposal prepared but at delivery the presentation failed to impress.

Think about the last time someone asked you to tell them a little bit about yourself. Did you stumble? Did you regret how you answered? Did you miss an opportunity to fit in something important or fail to make it relevant?

All too frequently business owners, professionals and salespeople schedule appointments only to cast them to the back of their minds until the day before the scheduled date.

Sounds like a bit of a daft question perhaps, but sometimes we forget, or perhaps we think more is coming from one source than it really is, and this distorts our view on life.

Discover why salespeople fail and what you can do about it.

Does this sound familiar – You start the day full of good intentions, and then your best client rings up and wants you to deliver a new product as soon as possible and can you sort it now!

The consultant’s eyes shone as he said “We now have confirmed business that will take us through the year covering all our costs. Everything is now profit.” Wow! Very nice. But that was only half of it.

Do you sometimes think that some people seem to be “lucky” and work drops onto their plate? Do you wish that your phone would ring with new customers more often – as it seems like your friends phones do?