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Prospecting & Qualifying

There is often a dilemma with small and growing businesses - they get busy servicing clients, neglect to focus on generating new business opportunities, then end up panicking and looking around for work. It can be a vicious circle – being needy does not leave you in the best mind-set to build your client base with the ‘right’ sort of clients.

True story - one of my clients told me that every time she went near her phone to make a call, it changed from a tame domestic cat into a fearsome tiger. She broke into a sweat just thinking about making a call.

Let’s face it. Cold calling / or nearly cold calling is part of growing a business. No calls, no sales. Poor calls, fewer sales. Exceptional calls, great sales. So why then do so many salespeople treat calling like some antagonist they’d rather avoid? Hard to tell.

Speaking to a colleague recently, he told me that he is frustrated by people who appear to be good prospects, but then string him along and never make a commitment.

Social media alone will not generate enough leads to grow a business; you still need a strategy to turn an online relationship into a face to face meeting. It is, however, a great way to network with new people. Here is a beginner’s guide: