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Journal your way to success

We all develop habits and ways of thinking over time; whether these are productive or counter-productive, they can become an operating system that we depend upon. What habits have you formed and are they supporting your growth and who you want to be? Typically, 87% of our thoughts are negative which can create self-limiting beliefs. What negative thoughts and emotions are holding you back?

It takes a sustained effort to change routines – as the clique says ‘old habits die hard’. At Sandler, we use daily journaling; a proven tool to facilitate change and increase personal effectiveness.

What is journaling?

Put simply, journaling is about writing down each morning, the things you’re grateful for, today’s goals, life affirmations and yesterday’s lessons.

Why is journaling so effective?

The act of daily writing helps you understand where you are now, in relation to where you want to be and improves focus, productivity and positivity. Some of the most influential people such as Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin and Benjamin Franklin understood this and were never far from their note pads and pens.

The three key areas of journaling:

Goal setting –what are the three business and two personal tasks you need to do today to achieve your goals? Track these daily behaviours in your journal.

Self-definition/ personal brand – part of journaling is about affirmations. For example, if talking about money with customers makes you uncomfortable, your daily written affirmation may be "I bring substantial value to my clients and I deserve to charge the right fee for my services."

Accountability – an end of day journal review is as important as writing it; celebrate your accomplishments. If you didn’t achieve your goals, ask yourself why. Writing lessons learned will help you make behavioural changes and improve your performance.

If you want more success and want to try your hand at journaling, email for your free Sandler template.

Daily journaling is a simple yet powerful discipline to help you accomplish the things that matter most to you.



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